Learning some culture

Yellow Submarine sculpture, Liverpool
Yellow Submarine sculpture,

Yesterday, Daisy learned about the Beatles. We were driving back from Yellow Sub (which is the name of the soft play), and she asked me why it was called Yellow Sub. So we talked about the Beatles, and the fact that they came from Liverpool, but were famous all over the world, and that one of their songs was about a Yellow Submarine. Then I had to sing it. Then I had to stop the car to look for the CD, so she could hear THEM singing it (she didn’t believe that it was as short as I’d made out, though it is). By then, we were nearly home, and the same CD played Penny Lane just as we turned the corner onto Penny Lane, so we talked about how they wrote a song about a road near our house – she knows where Penny Lane is, so she was quite impressed.

I love conversations like that. I love introducing her to a whole new world, which she may be only casually interested in, or she she may equally take it on as part of her identity. It’s all part of her becoming the person she’s going to be, and I find it fascinating.

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