bananas about the superlambbanana

being the in the cultural capital of Europe has up until now, been something you could be forgiven for thinking was all about big adverts covering derelict buildings, at 60s music acts singing at football staduims, but since last monday there has been a new cultural event in town. goSuperlambbananas is a simple enough idea get a load of 1/3 size casts made of the superlambbanana give them to local artists to do with what they want, then put them all around Liverpool.

Terminator LambBanana?

The result is 127 superlambbananas all over the place, all different, and the one thing that everyone in Liverpool is talking about; and that’s not just the marketing “everyone” it really is. on the train, in work and when ever you see anyone they talk about the superlambbananas.

Rock LambBanana

I did a little lambbanana hunt on Friday and took a load of piccies, and today after lunch we did a drive by lambbanana hunt (for daisy honest). I have yet to see a lambbanana that didn’t have at least one other person taking photos of it. Driving through town is actually quite dangerous because every other car will randomly stop so someone can take a picture.

you can see all of my LambBanana piccies on flickr