All tired out, now.

Daisy in her frockDon\'t they look handsome?So, that felt like a busy weekend – though I keep telling Kevin, we only did two things all weekend. However, one was a wedding, and they do take it out of one.

It was a lovely wedding. The bride was beautiful, the guest list was full of old friends, the kids coped, and apart from a heart-stopping moment when Henry pushed his high-chair away from the table, and it tipped over backwards, it all went very well (he’s fine – Carys Groves grabbed him, and more or less saved him from cracking his head on the floor – he still hit the floor, but his fall was broken).

On Sunday, we were part of a family service at church. Our church finds family services a bit alien, but I think we pulled it off. We did a dramatic reading of the story of Zacchaeus, and a sort of obstacle race, amongst other things, and still managed to have a ministry time and Serious Meeting With God at the end. Though, the way our church is at the moment, I think that could happen at a Knobbly Knees Contest.

It was heading for 11pm before we got our kids into bed on Saturday (and even then, we left straight after the speeches!), and we couldn’t have a lie-in on Sunday morning, so we took the rest of yesterday very gently indeed!