10 things.

In the spirit of the BBC News Magazine. 10 things I didn’t know this time last week.

  1. Lauren Child of charlie and lola fame use to paint the dots on paintings for Damien Hurst.
  2. there is actual rumpy in the SIMS2, It’s under the sheets and it’s called ‘whoohoo
  3. You can twitter your facebook.. you just have to press the right buttons
  4. there is no leave for any police in Merseyside this weekend because of golf and big boats.
  5. Sir Ken Robinison (the man who thinks education is stifling education) was born in Liverpool.
  6. the MOD has lost 87 classified USB sticks in the last 5 years
  7. there is some sort of connection between our out house and next door, so when they have a barbaque, it fills with smoke
  8. developers of open source software still think it’s OK to say delete your coolkies and go away, like it was your stupid fault you followed the instructions.
  9. it doesn’t matter if we blog like crazy things or leave the site well alone, the number of visits doesn’t really change.
  10. if you have the idea to do a 10 things I’ve learnt this week list, you should have it at the beginning and not the end of the week.