OK it’s safe now.. or is it?

It turns out that until the 14th of July we we’re living in a Anti-Social dispersal area which ment that the police had the power to give “a direction requiring the persons in the group to disperse” for a group of two or more (i.e anyone). and if you refused you would get

(a) a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale (£2,500), or
(b) imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months,

So as far as i could tell if a police officer stopped Ruth, Daisy and Henry in the street and told them to disperse – there refusal (because they would refuse) would result in either 3 months or £2,500. I’ve read the legistation and I don’t see how you appeal against any of this.Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. really are anit-social.

it should also be noted that it was the 13th July – the last day of the order – when our street was filled with police because people where drunk and throwing vases at each other. arguably the removal of the order has made the area safer,

I’ve found the merseyside police newsletter that tells me about the order although it really doesn’t tell me much, and all that did is got me worked up about that stupid flashing smiling speed sign.

Surely it’s more of a distraction having a flashing face by the side of the road?. We went the Isle of Wight last month and they’ve removed speed bumps / chicanes and replaced them with speed signs – which don’t flash and smile at you – and that works. not smiley happy faces for me to look at while I hit the man on the bike!!!

grrr arggg…

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