Tricky times

Well, the good news is that August is nearly over.

I don’t much like August. Everything stops. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but given that school terms affect us not at all (nor are they likely to, on our current path), having all of our regular events come to a sudden and screeching stop for six weeks in the summer is a bit irritating, at best. Given the fact that it has rained solidly for the vast bulk of that time, it’s not been terribly easy.

We can stay in. There was a time when we couldn’t – these days staying is at least a viable option, even allowing for the desire for us to not kill each other during the course of the day. It’s the constantly having to think of what to do that tires me out – and I think, tires the kids out, too. When we have a pattern to the week, we can get a certain amount of entertainment/stimulation by default, without having to work for it. All the usual options – the museums, art galleries, soft play, etc – are a lot less appealing during the school holidays. And the people we might visit will insist on going on holiday!

So, there’s been that, plus there’s been the amazing three week cough, which is almost gone, but not quite, making it a 5-week-and-counting cough. I’ve had it, Henry’s had it, my mum and my sister both caught it – it’s a real thing. And it’s either the cause or the effect of my feeling generally a bit run-down, and fragile.

As a result, my relationship with Daisy has been trickier than usual to manage, this summer, and she’s been struggling more than usual – a good day is one where she’s wearing the same underwear at the end of the day as she was at the beginning, these days. She’s clearly not very happy, and feeling quite insecure and fragile herself – some days I can handle that, and be nice to her, and some days… less so. This week has gone better than some of the weeks preceding it, so I’m just hoping that we’re rising out of the quagmire that we’d fallen into.

The good news is that Tumble Tots starts again on Monday, and I imagine Sticky Fingers restarts later in the week, too. With a bit of structure, and regular reasons to leave the house, things might start to settle down a bit. But summer is not the time of long, carefree days, around here, that other people seem to enjoy.