good intentions and big holes

It all started so well. after my old bike refused to be fixed, and was abandoned behind work. I got a new bike and started cycling to work around two weeks ago. 

I started slowly at first, one day in the first week, two the next and then this week was going to be a four day week, Monday, Tuesday and then Thursday, Friday ; Until yesterday when i got a puncture.

I was on the nice newly resurfaced bit around sefton park, when the tyre went flat – so i coasted to the curb (which was co-incidently the bottom of the dip). and had to walk the bike home. last time i got a flat tyre it was in almost the exact same spot (not on the tyre in the journey). which is a bit fortunate – it’s not to far from home, and it’s not the middle of the back end of toxteth. 

My bike
my bike

I am really proud of myself too. since i last did the cycling lark, we’ve moved offices at work and now i work right in the dip of Liverpool. cycling to work is easy, get to the top of hardman street, and freewheel down bold street/church street. but you pay for that on the way back. 

My chosen return route takes me right up duke street, and if I’m lucky the lights are against me – so i remember to stop. On Tuesday, all the lights changed just at the wrong time so i did it non stop from the bottom of paradise street all the way to hope street. I know i should have stopped but I’m proud/stubborn. and i was nearly dead by the top.

Anyway tonight i took the tyre off to look at the puncture, and there was a metal spur in the tyre and a nice big hole in the inner tube. looking at it thinking I don’t know if it’s fixable. i soon realised i had no rubber glue. so it’s all going to have to wait until tomorrow.

So this time I’ve done about 40 miles before the bikes broken – but this time i am determined to get it fixed.