home education : t-minus 1 year

It’s only 1 year before ‘society’ is expecting Daisy to go to school. so it won’t be long before we are officially home educating (yes we consider our selves to have already started) – not that it gets official or anything, we don’t have to tell anyone in authority, and why would we? they will only then be obliged to check we are doing it ‘right’.

Just to clarify for people, we don’t have to tell anyone, we don’t have to follow any curriculum (one reason to do it), and yes we have actually thought about it.

There are two very interesting articles about home education in the times, there’s the pro –Down wiv school: children are best educated at home and the counter article Why homeschooling might not be such a great idea. As you would expect from a decent newspaper both articles are well written and make good points – no system is perfect and fits everyone or every child.

Ruth has read the comments (I’ve usually lost interest by then). Which on the pro home school article are full of “your an irresponsible parent going to ruin your child for life” style comments, and the ‘anti’ which is full of “I home schooled my children, it’s the best thing I ever did”1. all entirely predictable.

The thing that gets me isn’t the pros and the cons. i think it’s good to have health debate about it, infact lets have a healthy debate about education. it’s the basic assumption of many people that if you are going to home school your child that you haven’t thought about it! – of course you’ve thought about it.

It’s a massive undertaking that is going to have a major impact on every aspect of your life and that of your children. not to think about it would be insane, by definition if you hadn’t thought about it you would be sending your kids to school2.

1 the comments are now of course overran with home-schoolers, mainly because they are passionate (you have to be), and articulate.
2 I’m not saying people who send their children to school haven’t thought about it.. gosh this is a social nightmare to talk about isn’t it.