Is it me?

I’m pretty sure I’ve started other posts with that title. I say it a lot.

The BBC keep telling me (they seem quite excited about it) that the boffins are trying to recreate the big bang in a tunnel in Switzerland. I’m not being funny, but what if they actually manage to create a universe? A universe inside ours, that will grow and grow until there’s nothing left of our universe, and we’re all dead – which, Kevin assures me, would take a fraction of a second, so at least we wouldn’t notice.

It all sounds unfathomably foolhardy, to me, and I can’t quite understand why no-one else seems to think so…

3 thoughts on “Is it me?

  1. I was listening to Radio 4 at lunchtime and they were discussing the possibility of a black whole being created – needless to say it was a comedy/comment on life sort of programme. I also heard comment can’t remember where “aren’t we coming up to a JW end of the world date soon?”…Oh dear. Heaven here we come?

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