Ill children, and climbing the furniture

Daisy’s illness continues; it’s now almost a week since she was violently ill all over Ruth; I got into terrible trouble, I was late back from work (an incredibly boring meeting), and the general consensus is that she should have been sick on me. Ever since then she’s been off her food (unlike Daisy) and sleeping in the day (very unlike Daisy).

Yesterday we had a little bit of an improvement; we ended up on blundellsands beach with Daisy wading in the water, throwing stones and show some interest in running and having fun. She did sleep all the way, and complain most of the way back, but for a short while she was showing signs. You might say we where cruel taking an obviously ill 4 year old to the beach but we had to do it for the sanity of the family, Ruth and Henry have effectively been caged since last Tuesday, and Ruth especially was showing signs of going crazy.

in related news Henry is walking; in typical second child fashion he’s done it all on his own without parental intervention, at first he would shuffle between the table and the chair, now he just walks across the room; he’s also a climber – all the arrangements in the house we had in place since Daisy are now inadequate; Daisy was never a climber, but now it turns out if you pull out the basket from under the table you can use it to get onto the coffee table, and a cushion is great for giving you the extra lift needed to get onto the blue chair.

we did some tempory re-aragements at the weekend – we moved the blue chair and the coffee table – but we need to do some long term thinking. We are about to have a major house rethink soon, so don’t be supprised if you visit and find the bedrooms downstairs or some such strange thing.

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