Four for one day

Daisy has been four for one whole day and she’s stepped up the inquisitive:

there is a whole story of how Daddy is going to teach Grandmum to write web pages.

d: “It would be nice if Grandmum lived next door, because then we would be close and only have a few steps to Grandmum”

r: “but how would Grandmum get to work?”

d: “she could go to work with daddy”

r: “but daddy does different work from Grandmum, daddy writes web pages”

d: “daddy could teach Grandmum to write web pages at work!”

and more:

“mummy can I have your pyjamas when you die?”

“mummy, does henry like his foot?” – “yes he likes his foot!” – “if he lost his foot he would have to have a grown up one” – “no feet aren’t like teeth”

“will I be able to talk when all my teeth fall out?”

and she just told us we aren’t the only ones. today at tumble tots she asked

“why is it called equipment?” and got the response “because it’s the equipment!” They weren’t quite ready for her.

With this in mind, we perhaps shouldn’t have been discussing which CBeebies presenters might be on crack cocaine. “cracked again?! what’s cracked again”, daddy jumps in “like humpty dumpty, he’s cracked again…”

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