sick at home

I’ve been off work, with a sick note! I’ve never had a sick note before, but i think my doctor was protecting me from myself.

I woke up on Monday with a very sore shoulder, which just got worser and worserer. So on Wednesday i went to the doctor who gave me the results of my blood tests from the other week when I had dizzyheadness. it turns out I’m fine, i’ve not got anything wrong with my blood, a bit of my cholesterol is a bit high, but nothing drastic. 

My shoulder however, was very sore, the type of sore that gets your whole back going into spasms while you try to hold your body in the least uncomfortable position. So i got some drugs, and they are great ! not sending you loopy good, but getting rid of the pain good, the doctor did say carry on taking them even when it feels better, I suspect that’s because they are masking all the pain. 

So now it’s Friday and I have very little pain. I think given half a chance I would overdo it, so i am tyring not to do anything to strenuous  – after all I do have a sick-note – but that does mean I am watching daytime TV.