UEFA vs Rainbow


We’ve been all cultural over the last two days; yesterday we went to the World Museum in Liverpool, where I was rather school-boyish around the European Cup, UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup, I thought it was a alright exhibition although Ruth pointed out, it was really an excuse for boys to show off there nerdy football knowledge. 

Today, we went all the way to Bradford, to the National Media Museum; which i can now say is a fab museum. Unfortunately we where 3 days to early for the blue peter exhibition, but the photo and animations bits are fab. but the TV bit is cool – not all all those pretend to be on TV bits, which are cool, but they had Zippy and George from rainbow! I have to say I was even more school-boyish, and very nearly got my photo taken next to them – it was the condescending looks from the teenagers that stopped me.

we watched the wombles too – Henry thought it was cool, although Daisy use to modern children’s TV didn’t quite give it all her attention, she did however, watch all of this wobles episode when we came home.

5 thoughts on “UEFA vs Rainbow

  1. We came back through Halifax, but we were totally museumed out, by then. We’d spent four hours at the NMM, and certain small children were becoming… unmanageable…

  2. I think the toys from Blue Peter when I was a child are there!
    it’s next to the station you can go by train – but maybe not direct from Liverpool!

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