The Odd-Body Shop

We’ve been all Daddy, Daisy creative today. For a while i’ve been promising Daisy that we would do a Map of the house; it followed a treasure map related discussion (don’t you have them all the time?). where Daisy had what was in my opinion an inferior treasure map because of how it didn’t accurately represent our house – it represented a treasure island. 

I was thinking how to do this, when i remembered we had the box from my laptop, which made me think we could make a 3D map of the house – obviously we are really entering doll house territory then – and Dasiy had very stong opinions about that, she wanted a shop for the odd-bodies ; daisy’s doll house toys, with odd bodies. 

So today we set about making the odd – body shop out of an old Toshiba laptop box, and associated packing bits, it sells toys and fruit and veg, and Captain Goatee1 of the pirate ship lives upstairs. I cut the windows, packing taped the first floor in, got a working door, and Daisy painted the shop – it wasn’t even dry before she had customers and was selling like crazy, what economic downturn?

The Odd Body Shop
The Odd Body Shop - Still awaiting upstairs windows
the odd Body Shop Interior
The Odd-Body Shop Interior - Daisy arranged the shelves into aisles

I’m very proud of our shop: Because Daisy stopped to play there are a few things we could do tommorow (If I can’t let go and just let here play). the stairs are painted just not in, and upstairs needs a bit of decorating. and I’m not sure if i can fashion a small till from cardboard… maybe i should just let her play.

 1I realise at this point we haven’t really done a post detailing some of the odd names toys have in this house, at some-point in the future, i will give you a full introduction to,  Captain Goatee, the odd-bodies and donkey-oaty and the rest of the motley crew.

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  1. well impressed by the shop!
    but it’s hard to let go when children are happy with it but you are not!

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