We went for shoes for Henry..

and he is now sporting a nice pair of size 4G shoes, not that he’s to enamored with it all. he can’t now pull his socks off; he screamed the Clark’s in Cheshire oaks down – but now it’s done.

Oh and we bought a new car.

We have just bought a Mazda 5 thing; We are now officially members of the people carrier club, yes we have a car with 7 seats, because we have two children. I am told this is so we can have other people in the car along side the family, and not because we would be having any more children. 

A Mazda, it's not silver (this isn't our colour)
A Mazda, it's not silver

Ruth’s friend has just got one of these so despite test driving the blue one we’ve bought a different colour one, Ruth says it’s duck-egg; although the piece of paper says it’s silver. We’ve managed to swap our rather old,  poorly tricked out skoda, for something much newer and more feature rich car, without doing much to how much we are paying per month. Although the fact we are going from Diesel to Petrol may have an effect. 

We do the swap next Saturday, when we will almost certainly go for a drive somewhere, and show off our car which has at least 9 cup-holders!