all going quite

if you’ve been thinking – “oh no, Kevin’s gone all random blogs again” Don’t worry, I’m going back to work tomorrow, so It’s all going to go quite here again. 

it was originally going to be a decorating holiday, but a sore shoulder changed all that, so I’ve basically floated about disrupting the routine and getting in the way a lot. 

I’ve had time this week, not just to read random bits of the internet and become paranoid about global finance, but also to think, that’s been nice. Henry waking up at 5:30 every morning hasn’t but we can live with that. 

What we aren’t sure of is how we continue to live the life we do: I.E. how long can i keep going in a super stress job? is our lifestyle working with the family we have now become ? should the milk in the fridge go blue, green, red or red, green, blue? it’s all heavy stuff i tell you – but as the benches on the south bank say (last time i saw them) “everybody needs a place to think” and I think this week has helped us restart that thinking process again.