Asda Shopping and Free Gifts,

Our ASDA shopping has gone all strange; I think they are having problems at the shop.

the last three weeks now, we’ve had little gifts in with our shopping. We get the odd bag of shopping which contains stuff we’ve asked for, with helpful extras that must be getting added by the shopping fairies.

last week we got some popcorn, and this week we got 3 tins of beans and sausages, and two tins of spaghetti – alongside all the tins of food we already ordered. It’s like someone looks at our shopping and adds little helpful additions to make us smile.

4 thoughts on “Asda Shopping and Free Gifts,

  1. yes, but we are going where are those snack bars. I’ve phoned before now, it takes twice as long as it does to shop. as long as it’s only one thing we let it go.

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