(nearly) internet free

We’ve been living an Internet light life since Monday, when the cable modem started going on the blink – it quite literally blinks when it’s broken.

I’ve had a quite irate call with Virgin over it – not because it was broken, more because they treated me like a fool (which to be honest i some times am), and even more because they went all anti-customer services on me.

They are coming out tommorow between 8 and 1 and if there isn’t someone here they will charge me £10! no mention of what happens if they don’t turn up. at the end of the call I asked

“if you don’t turn up can i charge you ten pounds?”  

All i really got was a nervous laugh. I’m not quite sure how I would go about billing them for this, but it’s the principle, yes i understand it’s inconvient if you arrange for someone to visit and then there is no one in, but isn’t it as equally inconvient for me to wait in four hours and then no one turn up? 

Anyway, as you can probibly tell it’s fixed its self now, it’s been working for most of the day by the looks of it; hopefully they will still do something even if it’s just to give me a sense of ease.

3 thoughts on “(nearly) internet free

  1. when my phone didn’t work they were going to charge £25 if they came and it was the phone not the line. It wasn’t the phone!. but it took me 2 calls to persuade them to come – which they did.

  2. when I rang virgin, they said “press 2 if you have a problem with your phone”

    for an update: he’s been, looked and went, that’s a dead old modem, it doesn’t work at the new speed, I’d give you a new modem even, if it was working.

  3. yes the bloke who comes is fine it’s the call centre in some obscure part of the world that is the difficult bit.

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