upgrading cable and downgrading the bill

Dear Virgin Media – It’s your own fault: first you upgraded my broadband, that broke the cable modem, thanks for the new one. It’s working now. The you advertised the fact that your cable bundles are on your website.

Yes I checked, and they are far cheaper than what we pay, for more. you see we’ve been with you for years, so we don’t have a bundle, we have everything separate, and we pay a premium for being loyal.

So I gave you a call, and you said, “that package isn’t  availible for you, you could pay £8 more”, so I hung up, and checked Sky, they would give me the same for less.

So I rang you back to tell you – then surprisingly there are packages I can have! and thank you for upgrading my phone package, and reducing my bill by £20 a month. that’s very kind of you  – it does means you’ve been ripping me off for months, but that’s partly my fault.