my head

I’ve been looking over the last few (hundred) posts from me, and well most of them are naff, don’t come close to being coherent, or make any point that i may have been trying to make in my head.. sorry if you’ve read through all that trash.

The blog has been going for six and a half years now, and it’s fair to say the content has varied in quality quite a lot in that time. Not that it’s been about the quality – the rules of blog are almost 5 years old, and have always been true; if you can be bothered you can blog it.

One thing you might not know is that when you blog, there are many more unwritten rules in your head, don’t upset relatives, make sure you don’t say something that might get sacked, don’t offend friends, and depending on your mood – only blog if you think it makes sense.

I’ve probably bent all of those rules during the last 6 years. It’s just good fortune combined with the fact that no-one reads the blog, that everyone is still speaking to me and I didn’t get sacked.

Anyway the reason i think the blogging has been so poor recently is down to two things time and spaghetti – I so often don’t have the time to write, and because my head is full of spaghetti it should take longer for me to untangle, except i don’t have the time.

so maybe i will have another unwritten rule for a while, take time to think about what you want to say, and take time to write it. If only to save people from the randomness in my head.

*just because I’ve said all this doesn’t mean i consider this post to be well written, or for me to have taken enough time over it.