We’re in the mist of a (semi) relaxing saturday afternoon in the Jumps household. We had a nice stroll in the morning fog to the shops at the top of the road, wondered around woolies – who apparently can’t order us a WiiFit; I get the impression they can’t order anything, but I didn’t want to persuse that too much with the saturday staff, who all had a bit of a rabit in the headlights look about them. 

We then had lunch in the unfeasible small café at the top of the road, taking most of it up with just the four of us – then we wandered around WH Smiths, who are still doing an great impression of selling everything while having nothing in stock I can bring myself to buy. 

on the way home we engaged in the tradtional estate agent browsing, it’s more like watching a car crash thesedays – you have to make sure you don’t catch the eye of anyone inside the shop – should you raise there hopes that you are going come in and actually think about buying a house. 

back home – it’s almost december, and that’s all the excuse we need in our house, so we crack open “The Santa Clause” it’s only the third time Daisy’s seen it this week.