Writing less

One of the reasons that blog posts have been a little thin on the ground around here, lately, is probably Facebook. It has occurred to me, in the last few days, that when things happen which I would previously have considered blogworthy, what I actually do is change my Facebook status. Doing that releases the inner pressure of Having To Tell Someone, even though much of the detail is necessarily omitted, and the blog post never gets written.

That’s not really good enough, is it? I’m literally writing less – I’m telling the tale of my life and my observations upon it, in a sentence or two, then moving on, instead of pondering, considering, expanding, describing, and in some cases, simply explaining myself properly.

So, my New Year’s resolution (since it’s occurred to me at New Year) is to stop using Facebook as a pseudo-blog. It’s not good enough to do the job, and I’m letting us all down by doing it.

There, I said it!