my mind is a blanket


Walking around Waterstones at lunch time; I had a fantastic blog narrative in my head. It was all about the fruitlessness of searching for books about ditching society, without ending up in the self-help or ‘Mind Body and Soul’ section and after all isn’t a chain book shop what’s wrong with the world? there was a side rant about the comparative size of the foreign travel section and the rather weak British travel section – which was rather undermined by me finding three extra shelves after formulating the rant in my head. 

I was thinking myself to be the next Tim Dowling, or Charlie Brooker – except of course they can write, and have some command over where the commas, and full stops. land in their prose. of course now I’ve gotten to a computer and have time to write, it’s all gone – to quote Clarice bean “my mind is a blanket” – sure I’m getting glimpses of my dramatic and engaging thought processes, but all I can really think to say is – don’t book shops smell funny, and did you know they have a “paranormal romance” section in waterstones now?

Perhaps the difference between us mere mortals and the professional writers in the world, isn’t just commas, full stops and the ability to curb sesquipedalian excesses while still stretching our polysyllabic muscles – maybe it’s also being interesting while actually at a keyboard.