Next week all meals will be fantastic

How to feed your own familyIf there was ever a cook book that had our name written all over it; it would be called “cooking in the Jump household”, but that would need to be written by us – so a book called How to feed your whole family a healthy, balanced diet with very little money.. and herdly any time, even if you have a tiny kitchen, only three saucepans (one with a ill-fitting lid) and no fancy gadgets – unless you cound the galic crusherisn’t a bad start so I bought it. 

For those who don’t know we have a 6ft square kitchen, and on the whole we cope quite well – although Ruth has said it needs to be replaced before we get to 10 years in the house – we are nothing if not resourceful, there are no fancy gadgets taking up space, the cornflakes live on a high shelf above the door, and the bread is in the microwave.

The book is a little like how to boil an egg for families, it’s full of dead simple things, and different ways of using ingredients quickly – we all can’t wait for the fish finger pies. the other thing it has is weekly meal planners, now we’ve tried doing them before and it’s never really worked, mainly because it takes far to much faf to work out what to buy. but these planners eve come with the shopping list, so we’ve got all the food, now we just have to follow the recipes.

This week every-meal is going to be a little adventure – or we will get sick of it by Wednesday and have a house full of strange food