The problem with computers, they haven’t come up with any term that doesn’t sound silly; blogging, twittering, and splodwalking* – i mean they are just silly. 

The last few days i’ve been messing about with the blog, adding and writing bits of code so that we can get things like our facebook status’ and things we share in google onto the blog. really it’s getting our bits of the Internet into one place – well apparently this is called life-streaming, for reasons I understand but don’t wish to bore you with – but the upshot of this ‘lifestreaming’ is that the blog now has all sorts of extra random stuff on it. 

We’ve done it in such a way that if you read the RSS feed you won’t get them – mainly because we import the blog into facebook, so it would all get confusing if it went both ways. If you don’t read this blog using RSS (another sad victim of nerdy naming). you should – and for a start look at the link i shared a bout two days ago – google reader for beginners. it really will change your life. 

*slodwalking – it doesn’t exist, but it probably will by the end of the year