Not quite right

I’m think I’m ill; I’m exhibiting all the signs, I’m off work, I’m in bed! and it occasionally gets hot then it’s getting all cold. I could just be a lazy bones with faulty central heating, but I’m not sure. 

I got at least seven hours sleep, and while I don’t consider that loads, it’s usually enough for me to drag myself out of bed and at least get ready for work. I go the dragging bit right, but it all started to go wrong on the getting ready bit. I basically fell asleep in the study – then sleepwalked back to bed, then it was 8:45 and my phone was going. Not because anyone missed me at work, but because someone wanted to tell me they would be late. 

other symptoms could be described as flu like, but I don’t consider them enough to be called flu, aches and chills, general “gosh that was hard walking to the fruit bowl and back” type events, and sleepiness – although I will often exhibit sleepiness at any opportunity.  

So here I am back in bed – mainly to avoid the house full of children – on the computer. It’s a bit odd when you work with computers to be ill; because when you are ill your choices are usually telly and computers. I’ve watched homes under the hammer so now I’m listening to Radio 4. I keep telling myself I am I’ll and using computers for recreation is much easier then doing exactly the same for work.