Free will and CBeebies

This morning, when I had barely surfaced, Daisy asked me “Why does Trug go places when Bits and Bobs don’t want to, or aren’t expecting it?”


Trug, for the uninitiated, is a renegade toy who escaped from his factory assembly line to enter into a life of wandering about finding Stuff, then taking the Stuff to a place where it can be used. He is joined on this endeavour by two balls of fluff, Bits and Bobs, who live inside him, and who make wildly inaccurate guesses as to the identity of the Stuff, and it’s possible purpose. That’s pretty much the whole show.

I considered for a moment, and said, “Because Trug has free will.”

“What’s free will?”

“It’s the thing that means you are in charge of what you do.  Whether you push Henry over, or don’t push Henry over is your choice, because you have free will.  I can try to influence your decision, by saying “If you push Henry over I will put you in time out,”  but you still decide for yourself whether you will do it or not.”

She seemed satisfied with that.  Thankfully, we didn’t get from there to predestination – not this time, anyway.  Still, it was all a bit deep for so early in the morning, if you ask me!

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