House of illness

We’re having a relaxed Saturday again, although i think we might go a little crazy if we stay in all day.¬†

Daisy is ill, and has spent most of the morning lying on the couch being cute and reading her CBeebies magazine (i succumbed to ill cute in tesco). speaking of CBeebies, if you want to be outraged you should read the thread about the new cbeebies presenters Рusally i go look at the cbeebies forums for a laugh1. it only takes five minutes and you find post  like this:

“You only need to compare Chris and Pui’s stagey and lacklustre Recycling Song with the dynamic and powerful rendition delivered by the Sid-Andy axis to see that the writing was on the wall sometime back in ’07. Oh yes.”

i find it mildly amusing when people post like this, its just a level i never really think about with cbeebies – but the venom that some people appear to be spewing because the beeb have dared to put someone with a missing arm on the telly is quite shocking (but expected I suppose).

back in the jumps house – Daisy has gone to sleep on my leg… it’s very cute.

1 I would like to point out, i’ve never posted on the cbeebies forums, I haven’t yet reached that level.