Notes about me – Facebook meme

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1. I am blonde in my head, even though I haven’t looked blonde since I was about seven.
2. I have two degrees, one in Literature and Media Studies, and one in just Literature.
3. I wrote an entire MA dissertation on the Chalet School, and it was a darn sight more fun that Shakespeare or Dickens could ever have been.
4. I’m not sending my kids to school.
5. I have researched my family tree to the point of having 645 names in it. That’s quite a lot. I come from Wales, and Ireland, and Wirral, and Manchester, and Shropshire.
6. The most interesting story I found in the tree was of the man who married one sister, then ran off with the ten-years-younger sister, lived over the brush with her for 30 years, had a stack of kids, and finally married her when first sister died.
7. I didn’t intend to quit work when I had Daisy, but I’ve got no intention of going back, now.
8. My youngest, Henry, has never been in his pram, having travelled everywhere in a sling until he could walk, and even now when he gets tired. He’s 19 months old, now, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that he ever will. I did toy with putting him in the seat of the shopping trolley, yesterday, but didn’t do it.
9. I couldn’t quite bring myself to get rid of the pram. Might celebrate his second birthday by throwing it out.
10. I make slings for friends, especially pregnant friends, but I could never sell them, because my sewing really isn’t of marketable quality!
11. I think 25 things is a lot.
12. I went to two primary schools, two secondary schools and one sixth form college.
13. I’ve only ever worked for two people – St Rhadagund’s Christian Holiday Centre, and Liverpool John Moores University.
14. I’m better at attention to detail than big projects.
15. I still don’t know if I’ve finished having children.
16. I’m not ready to have another one yet.
17. I’m still breastfeeding H.
18. I play the viola, but not often enough to be any good.
19. It’s so long since I’ve played from music, I think I may have forgotten how.
20. People think playing by ear is clever, and/or hard. Believe me, if it was hard, I’d be too lazy to do it.
21. I sometimes think that someone who studied literature to the relatively high level that I have ought to read more. I hardly ever read novels, don’t buy a newspaper, and search the internet for intellectual stimulation, with varying degrees of success.
22. I wasn’t fat when I was a kid.
23. I don’t eat enough fruit.
24. I don’t eat enough vegetables, either, but I do like vegetables. Sadly, the rest of my family don’t, really. They all eat fruit by the hundredweight, while I just sit here getting scurvy.
25. I am married to the best husband on the planet, which is hard luck on the rest of you.