selling photos?

[hopefully the most stressful week at work all year has now passed, and i can stop spending my day fretting and chasing people on the telephone and concentrate on doing stuff – including not thinking about work at home… we can but hope.]

Last week I got an email from flickr, apparently I’ve been invited to the getty contributor program – which is as far as i can tell, a way for getty to build their catalogue using my flickr images. I think I am meant to get money, but I’m not expecting a great new income stream.

this one was to small
this one was to small

To be honest – I’m a bit surprised, while people say your photos are nice, you only have to look at the quality of some of the pictures on flickr to realise it’s a lot more than just a well framed shot that make them good. I’m also surprised because I don’t really push the flickr photos, I don’t tag or put photos in to groups – really i use it because it can be stuck onto the blog (although that’s bust today), so to even stumble across the pictures they must have been doing some fairly deep searching. 

Anyway against my better judgement i have signed up to the Getty thing, although the of the six pictures they asked me to include three where rejected because they where to small (i took them with my very old camera), the remaining three are in review, and then I’ve no idea what happens probably nothing, i don’t think strait photography is a way for me to make money, my only hope is through the collage photos, and even then they are a bit of an acquired taste.

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  1. I was being all loyal, and “Your photos are great, of course people should want to pay for them”, but then I followed the link to the others, and got a page full of AMAZING shots. Keep practising, sweetie.

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