The Badman Report

The short answer is, yes, I’ve read it, and yes, I’m against it. Very, very against it. Furiously, seethingly, exasperatedly against it.

I’ve been putting off blogging, because I wanted to say something thorough, all-encompassing and irrefutable about this travesty of a report, but all I’ve managed to do is write nothing, and get stress-induced heart-burn from reading it. So, expect the rant. Expect the in-depth analysis of what it actually says, and what’s wrong with it. All that is still to come. For now, accept that I am furiously angry, and that over my cold, dead body are local authority officials going to take my children off by themselves into a room, to be grilled about Mummy and Daddy, without any evidence at all that they are being abused. I will move to Scotland before that happens.