Daisy Designs

Dasiy has a new obsession – Nintendo DS – not that she’s got one mind, but boy does she want one, and she is no old enough to know her birthday is only two months away.

at around £100-£130 a Nintendo DS isn’t extortionately expensive, but it’s pricey enough that it needs some sense of value placing on it – so we’ve told Daisy we don’t have all the money to get a DS and she is going to have to get some of the money herself (we’ve actually told her we will match what she makes so she only has to make half).

Her first money raising venture is household chores for money – so tiding up the living room (properly) even the toys that henry got out earns her a pound – other jobs to – but she’s only just getting the idea that she can work for money. What we have to be careful of is working only for money! I had a conversation with her about how if she makes a silly mess she will have to clean it up and not get paid, we don’t want making mess so we can make money!


the second venture is a bit my idea and a bit Daisy’s – she’s going into the greeting card business!

for a while she has been making cards for birthdays, anniversaries, making dinner, well anything really. she has the hang of drawing on the front and scribbling random lines in the middle, and well they are cute, she is quite a good drawer, and she obviously enjoys it. So i’ve suggested she make cards and sell them to people.

After some discussion we’ve decided not to draw in the middle of the card, so people can write there own message – after all she doesn’t know who the cards are for, the second challenge was realising that not all of the cards will be going to people who will be four, so we’re dropping the big number 4 in a circle from cards.

She’s done quite a few today, mostly black although at least one has happy birthday written across the top after some judicious coping of letters. Ruth has been putting a little “Dasiy Designs” on the back, so we’re all getting into the branding.

Daisy did spend quite some time drawing and cutting a number 4 badge today to stick to a card, but we managed to talk her around to not putting it onto a card until she knew who was going to buy it.


Tonight we talked about price – I though it was only fair Daisy set the price for her own work – it’s her business after all

Me: “so Daisy, how much do you think we should sell your cards for?”

Daisy: ” about 10p”

M: “well do you know how much cards from the shops cost? around 75p to £2.”

M: “do you think you’re cards should cost more or less then the cards Henry got for his birthday?”

D: “less”

M: “why?”

D: “because our friends haven’t all got a lot of money so they should be cheaper”

M: “OK so if Henry’s cards cost £2, how much do you think yours should cost?”

D: “£1”

So there you have it, Daisy’s bespoke designed birthday cards can be yours for £1 – I think she wants to set up a shop in the morning room – we haven’t talked about online retail yet, but if she realises you can buy stuff from the Internet…