flu or not to flu

achoowe’re had a glimps into the next 6 months here in the Jump household – this week we’ve all had colds, or as the NHS would put it swine flu like symptoms.

we’re waving between it is swine flu, to it’s just a mild cold – the problem is some articles are saying that people are getting incredibly mild versions of the flu, and the NHS basically think you’ve got it if you show two or more symptoms, which include, a cough, a headache , sore joints, sneezing – so it doesn’t take much googling to convince your self.

Then again we probably haven’t had it – and we will get another cold in a week or four, and then another one in September (when the schools go back – don’t let anyone tell you home education lets you avoid term illnesses – you come into contact with enough people to catch something) – and unless one of these floors the family, and we are all on tamiflu – i suspect we will go through the process of googling flu every-time.