who’s unicycle is this?

I don’t know why, maybe it’s my inbuilt desire to be odd, or truly deep down I do expect one day to be discovered as a fraud and have to find a new career, but I am continuing my with my aims of getting just a bit below good at different circus skills.

a unicycle - yesterday
a unicycle - yesterday

I can already juggle – three – consistently, I recently investigated the possibility of making this 5 which I was informed would take about 6 months if i did it every day – I probably will have a go (but not every day – so hence will never master) – but for now I’ve shifted focus to a different skill – unicycling .

I’ve been lent a unicycle for the summer; from a teacher friend, quite what a school does with unicycles I dare not ask but apparently he had a few in the school so I’ve borrowed one – only to discover I’ve not really got any room in our house or tiny yard to practice; So it’s street humiliation for me.

So tonight I was out by the front wall, constantly falling off, and nearly breaking a leg or arm every-time, while my supportive family all sat on the step and laughed; and the neighbours I can only assume added it to the list of bonkers things that family in the purple house do. In all that I did peddle around one whole time without the aid of the wall.

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  1. I’m joining you in the pursuit of learning the noble art of circus skills; yesterday I charged a small child six pound for a bag of candy floss and later today I intend to dump a dead lion in a lay-by

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