Daisyless house

Daisy is having her first sleeping over experience today, so we are floating around with just Henry in the house and now he’s asleep for what will probably be most of the afternoon, we are at a fairly loose end..

We been thinking of a number of different ways we could spend the afternoon, some of which did include alcohol (the idea that Daisy might get cold feet and the fact it still is daytime – put paid to that one). In the end we are sitting in the yard with some scented candles trying to scare the flies away, while Ruth attempts to draw princesses and I read the newspaper on the laptop – which isn’t working because well it’s sunny and outdoors.

Daisy on the other-hand has been waiting all week for this, she first packed about 10 days ago, Ruth managed to persuade her that she had to unpack the things she uses everyday – and then she packed again yesterday – today when Ruth’s mum came, daisy was halfway down the stairs with her bags before she got through the door.