Decorating Daisy’s 3rd! bedroom

this week is decorating week @ the jumps – after many years of debate Daisy is to get the big second bedroom, and our study is to be relegated to one of the box rooms;

decoratingwe are woefully bad at decorating, and after 10 years in the house we still haven’t decorated every room, in-fact we’ve done 6¬† rooms – so we’re not even managing one a year. It’s mainly inertia coupled with the knowlage of our own DIY failings with a pinch of old house, so it’s taken quite a while for us to organise and motivate ourselfs into action.

First things first – the moving of what is probably the most cluttered room in our house into the rest of the upstairs, and when you have two children this actually¬† means the hallway and your bedroom; at least we won’t have a cat making noises under the bed for a while – and I am sure there are some advantages to having easy access to stationary in the middle of the night.

The room it’s self isn’t going to be pink – we’ve been lucky on that front when we decorated Daisy’s first room (come to think of it, it was actually her second room – she’s nearly had them all!) she was in a orange is my favourite colour room, so we gave he a yellow room with an orange wall; in between then and now – we’ve had quite strong pink phases but not for this room – it’s going to be blue (light) with blue (dark) bits.

As I type we are mid decorate – we’ve stripped the walls, had a massive chunk of plaster fall off, patched it (with help obviously) – filled all the holes, and done the wood work ; now if the big patch will dry out we can wallpaper, and then paint – hopefully all before Daisy explodes with excitement and Ruth has a nervous breakdown from all the clutter.