A Day in My New Study

One of the happy side effects of Daisy’s new bedroom is my new study, we’ve swapped the rooms so Daisy has the large room (and is loving it) and I have the smaller one. What we’ve attempted to do is stuff everything that use to be in the larger bedroom into the small one; except that wasn’t really possible so we’ve left quite a lot of stuff under our bed.

Today I did some working from home and it was the first time I got to seriously work in my new study, with it’s nice clean desk and window with at least some sky for me to gaze at.

My New Study - still clean
My New Study - Still clean and full of computers

I actually prefer the smaller space, when you’re working quite intently at a computer screen having some walls close by is comforting.

I am however coming to the sad realization that if I have to do any significant amount of writing at a computer that I’m a desktop man not a laptop boy 🙁 which is a bit sad considering how many laptops we have floating about.

Both my main home and work computers are laptops, and despite one running shiny windows 7 and being vastly superior to anything else, I almost always find myself sitting at the creaking windows XP machine typing g away – and enjoying it.

I don’t know if it’s the keyboard comfort or the mouse over the touch pad (i suspect a bit of both) or indeed the big old monitor. but it just seems easier some how – even the thinking about what words to type bit.