I am very confident of our ability to educate our children, but still, very occasionally I worry that when we get to the world of exams with the kids, that there might be something we all (as a family) fail to grasp or something we won’t be able to teach them..

bodybookThen I look at GCSE exam papers, and start to ask my 5 year old the questions based on her 30 minute exposure to an Usborne “see inside your body” book– and she can answer them. so I worry a bit less. obviously not all of them, but the ones that she has ‘covered’ in her book. then I wonder – how are we going to fill the next 10  years?

The answer is of course with a lot more than exams – I realise I’ve been detracted by the constant question of “what will you do about GCSE’s?” – Well my children are 5 (nearly) and 2 – So we’ll see, I’m guessing lots but not all in a three work period at 15 – but education is about much much more than exams.