Bowness: 15th October 2003

We noticed the gulf  – but we use to try to pretend it’s just because were in that mad two children under 5; lucky we remember to put coats on stage of our life. but as Daisy edges out of the fuzz of small child we’re waking up the the real truth – we are just not hip, cool, or indeed in touch.

It’s questionable that we ever were; we we’re never the party animals, concert goers, clubers and even most movies just passed us by – but we were at least keeping up with the TV, comings and goings in most of the things ‘other’ people talked about, and then we went to India.

Day 4.04, DelhiIndia – is (well it was in 2003) a bit different to the UK (well the 2003 version of it) – it was a culture shock, not as much as you think; because well you always just cope when you’re in the thick of it; it was however quite a life event, ‘an expericene’ is the best way to describe it – coupled with the near abandonment thing in New Delhi airport when our return Kergystan flight was cancelled, did make it one of those things we annoyed almost everybody with for many years to come.

We did however return from the ‘experience’ back to the lovely cosy – fast driving western world, and to recover from the shock we went to Bowness-on-Windermere – the most diametrically opposite place to Delhi we could find -it’s just looking back what we’re not sure of is if we ever returned from Bowness.

Here we are now in 2009 (apparently) as we are just so out of touch with everyone else – we’ve never seen x-factor (2005) – we don’t even watch strictly come dancing – and the last film we went out to see was I-Robot (2004); apparently there are all sorts of trendy bands and stuff now. increasingly conversations revolve around Bownessthings we have little or no idea about – someone mentions how X on strictly has just done Y –

  • “who’s X?”
  • “o you know the one off – (some programme i didn’t even realise was still on – usually Holby City – which is some form of Casulty spin off i think)”

It’s not that we are living in the past – we’re very technically literate, and absorbing all sorts of things from the world, they just don’t appear to be the things everybody else is absorbing – so culturally we are stuck in bowness on 15th october 2003 – and if i’m honest – it’s quite nice.