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This weekend we finally admitted defeat and consigned the now 10 year old monitor to the scrap heap. While it was a very impressive flat screen CRT monitor, it’s colours had seen better days and it kept pretending to be broken. The random fix of unplugging all the cables waiting a indeterminate amount of time and plugging them back in bringing it back to life was begging to ware a bit thin.

After the latest bout of Monitor stroppyness on Friday, I trekked over to John Lewis and picked up an 21.4″ wide-screen monitor, For what was quite a reasonable price. The net effect on the study is a lot more desk space now we have got rid of the monster and massive screen real estate – we’ve gone from a fairly respectible 1280*1024 to a quite massive 1920*1080, which is a lot of desktop to fill.

While at work (and for a while at home) I have multi-monitors – having a single wide screen monitor is a different experience. for one you need a nice single picture to fill the screen. Since Saturday both Ruth and I have been looking for excuses not to use our laptops for a while and now we have both dug around and come up with our own 1920×1080 wallpapers for the superwide screen PC we hardly ever use.

Liverpool Skyline
Liverpool Skyline
Blossom Tree
Blossom (Ruth's Desktop)
Compton Bay
Compton Bay

They are not quite all 1920*1080 because, well, we’re a bit lazy – but still they are very pretty on a very big screen – which means you will need a big screen to see them properly 🙂

All we do now is occasionally disappear upstairs turn the computer on and stare at the desktop. We haven’t worked out how to fill the space on the screen, websites full screen just look a bit lost, and well you need to be able to see the pretty pictures don’t you?

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