It’s over!

“Not content!” shouted a handful of Peers in the House of Lords, and there it disappeared, like a mist in the sunlight. Clause 26 is no longer a part of the Children, Schools and Families Bill. Actually, by the end of the night, there’s going to be very little of the Bill left – a good three-quarters of it has been dropped, in the interests of getting anything at all through before Parliament dissolves at the end of the week.

Of course, it’s not really over. Ed Balls has stated, today, that he has every intention of being re-elected, and entirely recreating the Bill in the new Parliament, and there is a belief abroad that Something Must Be Done about home education, even amongst the politicians who have fought on our behalf against the proposals that have been killed off, tonight. This battle will have to be fought again. But I’m optimistic – even if Labour do get back in, the world will be a very different place on May 7th. Their majority, if they have one, will be tiny, and they won’t have a chance of railroading such controversial legislation through again. In addition, there is NO MONEY. Have you heard? We have no money. All the money’s gone. There is likely to be very little stomach in the other two parties for the spending of millions on a problem which has never been proven to exist. On the theoretical possibility of a problem which could one day arise, maybe.

But tonight, there is reason to celebrate, because, Ding Dong, the Wicked Bill is Dead!