The Family of Nerdiness

I suppose it was inevitable, but the jumps household is rapidly turning into a house of Nerds.

Over the last few weeks Henry has mastered the levels of mouse control needed to operate the CBeebies Website unaided. Daisy is excitedly discovering the wonderful world of the CBBC Site, Horrible Histories is a particular favourite, and Ruth and I are fully paid up members of the Simultaneous laptop, TV/Radio club.

The only problem last week was we ran out of computers! Henry was on the PC upstairs, Daisy was on my laptop and Ruth was on hers, so I was computer-less.

I then spent far too long resurrecting the very old laptop with the dodgy power supply – which now much to my nerdy shame is running Ubuntu.

So yes we are terrible parents and there are times in our house when the house falls silent, as we all stare blankly into our individual screens; but you know what it’s quite nice.