No more “Look at me I can type!”

There are many reasons why I don’t blog like I use to- most of them are to do with having nothing to say, but others are because I fell a bit to shouty about it all.

For example when I blog at the moment, the post goes onto the website, facebook sucks it in and a tweet goes onto my twitter account, all very exciting and web 2.0! but really is that just not annoying? and it means people i know will read it.

I was much freer with this before people I knew started reading it – so to that end I am removing the send a tweet when i post bit – It makes me feel like a needy child jumping up and down, going “look at me I can type!”

if you do like the needy teenager vibe you can subscribe to @thejumps twitter account, and I’ve only done this for me Ruth’s post should still go out on her twitter account