this post will cost the UK Economy…

It winds me right up – every time anything, and I mean anything is seen as getting in the way of people being chained to their desks, it costs the UK economy. Never a mention of how driving people into an early grave or mass depression from unrealistic demands would cost the UK economy.

We worship at the alter of productivity, if something isn’t seen as productive (and who knows what that means) then it must be demonised and ultimately we must put a price on it.

Today it’s facebook at £14bn, but what else costs the UK Economy?

Google Pacman - it will cost you
  • Free downloads £12bn
  • Twitter £1.38bn
  • Social Housing Squeeze £2.5bn
  • Sickness £16.8bn – (because people wilfully get ill)
  • physical inactivity £8bn
  • Dementia £23bn
  • Agisim £72bn
  • bad weather £600m a day
  • Dry central heating £200m
  • Criminal Gangs £40bn
  • EU Membership £60bn
  • delivery problems in online shopping £1bn
  • truancy £800m
  • poor middle management £220bn

and Google’s Pacman doodle cost the UK $120m – so here is the link to play it some more

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