Readability and fonts

Every week, the backup file for the blog arrives in my inbox. It hangs there as a guilty reminder that yet again time has passed and I’ve not inflicted any of my ramblings on the internet.  I sit here and consider which is worse; filling the internet with random garbage, or having a space to speak to the world and not using it.

If I’m honest I know the world would rather do without my extra junk floating around polluting Google searches, but I’m slightly big-headed, and slightly more a frustrated creative, so I sit down and try to figure out why I haven’t posted – and i come up with a list not unlike this:

  • Don’t like the blog
  • Far to tired to write anything
  • nothing to actually say, who am i kidding
  • not sure about the blog

Ignoring the tired and nothing arguments, I’ve tweaked the blog, nice big fonts in theory make things easy to read, so i’ve done that, and it was a bit random and wide. No one will probably notice any difference except me.

To be honest the biggest triumph is that I’ve tweaked the blog, and not completely thrown it out and started again, something I’ve probably attempted to do about 10 times in the last 18 months, always with the intention of writing a semantically correct, standards based wizzy template. A tactic I admit is fundamentally flawed after all, if I’m far to tired to write anything, where am I going to find the energy to re-write all the code.

Technical stuff

Now if I was thinking about it I would have made note of all the reading so this post could at least be useful, but I didn’t so you’ve just got my word for:

  • big fonts are easer to read
  • the lines shouldn’t be to long, or it’s hard to read
  • there should be enough space between lines so you can read.

the jquery to fade in and out the sidebar (hardly noticeable and probably not working in anything but Chrome), is an attempt to help the blog posts stand out and reduce visual clutter as you read).