It’s not a career…. yet

I’ve never really settled on a career. Yes I’ve been doing roughly the same thing and increasing levels of seniority since I graduated from university 11 years ago, but it’s not like I planned any of it.

I have, to all intents and purposes, been living off the fact that between the ages of 18 – 23 I did nothing but play about with computers for an unsociably large amount of time. Ever since then I’ve just been putting in the minimal amount of effort to keep my knowledge topped up and stumbling from job to job making it sound like I know what I am talking about.

This week, I have officially taken my next step up on my non-career ladder and have entered the world of senior management. In public sector speak I am a Head of Service. It all sounds very important and having read the quite detailed job spec, there is quite a lot of things to it, but really it’s just another nail in the “this isn’t my career – I’m going to do something else when I grow up” coffin, and maybe I should just start accepting my fate?

At the moment I’m having a bit of a rebellion against all this grownupness; I’ve decided that a much more fitting job title is Web Czar, and I’ve been filling in the people of linkedIn on my dynamic lifestyle like so:

Strategically realigning priorities to maximize actuals (booking a meeting)


Providing incisive marketing direction, and prioritizing content delivery (updating email signature)

Now partly I’ve been doing this because, well the people of linkedin need to realise they are all a bit over pompous about their jobs and lighten up, and partly because deep down I’m in a little bit of denial over the whole serious job / career thingy-ma-whatsit (see doing it again).

I’m sure it will pass: I will either accept my fate and start talking about long term growth potential or somehow manage to break free and be the mad one who juggles and calls meetings with post-it notes on all the windows, hopefully it will stay with the latter, at least for a while.

8 thoughts on “It’s not a career…. yet

  1. Your wilfully non-chosen career path is shaping up better than my wilfully non-chosen career path. I don’t suppose you need to recruit any content creation type people? I am still trying to crowdsource a new job.

  2. Well I think it’s more luck then judgement.

    We are doing quite a lot of creating of content at the moment. Unfortunately for you, they are all really good at it (but I would say that wouldn’t I?)

  3. It all sounds very familiar – I think I now know what I’ll be when I grow up – retired (or dead)
    It might have to be the latter as I think I will proceed through my retirement wondering what I’ll do when I grow up.

  4. Oh my god, do you really think anyone is interested in this utter drivel!
    You must have an extremely high opinion of yourseld to think anyone finds this interesting.
    I was trying to go to the .com site and stumbled across this atrocity!

    1. Thanks ‘Parky’ . I’m glad it helped you find a level at which to measure the rest of the internet by. Also thanks for pointing out I’ve put some ads on the site, might as well cash in on my drivel.

  5. I felt exactly the same when I was going out to work. I was totally ambitionless, but opportunities presented themmselves and on I went – ended up ‘a career girl’. Now I am ‘retired’ I no longer think of myself as retired! I have started another career as a carer!

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