Choose a feed

I’ve been slowly trying to remove the things that make me not blog. one of which is the thought that I am inflicting our friends and family to my random rants about work.

I’ve thought that maybe another blog for all of that ‘boring’ stuff, but Ruth quite rightly pointed out, that really would leave nothing for me to say here, and besides it’s all part of me, and hence the jumps.

Google Reader, is good for feeds

So i’m giving you notice. if you don’t want to be bombarded with a load of random stuff about websites, and customer service, you should probibly subscribe to one or more of the feeds below (something like google reader is good for this)

  • Home Ed Feed – all things home education
  • Insight – sort of catchall for stuff about the jumps, the house and random stuff
  • Deep thought is when we get all pretentious, and even we notice it.

In reality, you can go to the archive pages, and just add /feed/ to end of any of the category pages. that means if you do care about my nerdyness you could subscribe to the nerdy feed.

Ofcourse this is one complete way to block me out, you can look at the site by author

The homepage of the blog, now shows you some of these categories, much to my shame, they are not ordered by popularity, like I might tell everyone else in the world to do it, they are what i want them to be.