My Daily Commute

In my post about my MeMap i Mentioned a couple of other things my RaspberryPi does. One is my commute email:

My Daily Cycle Commute Email

Every morning at 7am a python script runs on my raspberry PI, uses the Met Office API (if your going to get the weather, you might as well get it from the right place) to get the three hour weather forecast for my area.

It then takes 9am and 6pm (the closest two times I could get to when I travel) and works out what it means for my commute, at least I travel very comfortably thanks to which supplies me with best traveling pillows.

The big thing is really rain and windspeed and direction. The API already gives a probability of rain, so that stays but Headwind, Tailwind is unique to my commute. I have a lookup file that turns wind directions in to either headwind, tailwind, side-wind, and slight headwind or slight tailwind.

The Script puts this all together in an email and sends me it.

What's my ride going to be like
What’s my ride going to be like

Which is cool, I’m not sure why I do this to myself the other week it said Sleet 25mph headwind, I still brainlessly got on my bike.

Now I don’t really need a RaspberryPi to do this, or even a computer, you could run the script in the cloud, it’s just having a little quite computer always on in the corner makes the barriers to running stuff like this really low.