About Us

We are the Jumps: Ruth and Kevin Jump, to be precise. We’ve been married since June 2001, and we currently live in South Liverpool, just off Penny Lane. As you can no doubt see, if you wander around these pages, we have an adventure-packed life, working for Liverpool John Moores University, going home, sleeping, eating, and occasionally walking to the park. That’s how we like it – nice and quiet, with loads of quality time.
Ruth and Kevin on the boat to Eilean ShonaIf you want to find out more about us, you have a few choices: you can read the short introductions below, or look at the more verbose ones from the menu on the left; you can read our weblog, and get some far too personal information, or you can stalk us (we strongly urge you not to do the latter). 

Ruth Jump

Ruth is a word-artist, and is currently creating a small masterpiece for this section of the site. Rest assured, it will be fantastic when it’s done.

Kevin Jump

Kevin at the ZooHi, I’m Kevin, and I’m quite scared that this web page lark has gone too far. Now,? don’t get me wrong – it was my idea, and I’m the one doing all the changes, but it has grown into a homepage! I only started this to pass the time. Anyway, I’m Kevin, and I am from Liverpool, I was born in Liverpool, I was brought up in north Liverpool, and now I live in south Liverpool. I do, occasionally, leave Liverpool. You have to, because IKEA‘s in Warrington.