Restricted Content ?

So what is Restricted Content? We’ll it’s content we don’t want you to see, mainly it will be pictures of Daisy we took the decision to keep pictures of the children over two, off the general public side of the site. If you are trusted then your account on this site will probably be given access to see all the pictures, but really that means friends and family. It’s a sad decision in many ways and we no the risks of anything happening are vanishingly small, but when it’s your own children that actual impact of that risk is to high even to take a small chance on.

If you see the


text any were in a post, it either means you don’t have permissions to look at that bit of the post or you haven’t logged in. You can login by clicking login on the right hand side. if you click remember me, you shouldn’t have to login again.

If you are family or friends then please register on the site, and we will bump your permissions up so you can see the pictures in the posts.